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Did You Know?

Free Fax to Email stores your faxes online as a backup as well as emailing them to you? Handy in case your email goes down - you'll always be able to get your faxes.

As part of the free fax service we provide you, we store a copy of each fax sent to your number in your secure online account for 12 months after it is received. This means a copy of every fax is available for download as a paperless fax archive, in case your email fails, or if you don't have access to email all of the time. Faxes can be downloaded as PDF or TIFF files and deleted whenever you like. If you want to store faxes online for longer, you might consider upgrading to our Crosby Fax service which starts at just £0+VAT per month and comes with many other benefits.

Free Fax to Email handles several thousand faxes each day, on behalf of its customers? We handle faxes for many of the top brands around the world, who trust Free Fax to Email to deliver a reliable, well looked-after service.

We receive thousands of faxes each day on our computer servers on behalf of our customers. Our self-designed innovative technology allows us to offer a reliable free fax number to our customers, whilst generating a small revenue from each fax which supports the running of it. We handle faxes for some of the biggest brands around, including Walt Disney, BBC Worldwide, Top of the Pops, H.Bauer Publishing, Trinity Mirror, Virgin Media, Diageo Smirnoff Ice, Daily Mail, Capitol Records, BP, Victim support, Spec Savers, Walkers Crisps, EMI, Nokia, Nissan, Honda, Panasonic, HP, NHS, News of the World, Barclays Bank, Reckitt Benckiser.

Free Fax to Email is run by a British company, based in Liverpool, England. We handle all of our support calls in the UK by trained and qualified engineers.

All of our engineers are trained and highly qualified and are involved in the design and implementation of our network. We answer your technical support calls from our offices in Liverpool, England. We have invested considerable amounts of money into designing a good technical support service so when you get in touch with us, be it by phone, email or our support ticketing system, it is handled with the highest of standards.

You can choose to receive your faxes in TIFF or PDF formats? This allows you to use free fax with any application anywhere as these formats are supported on 95% of devices.

When receiving faxes, you can choose the best format that supports the type of device you are opening it on. For example TIFF files can be opened on most Windows based systems and mobile devices whilst PDF is better for Apple products and some propriety systems.

Free Fax to Email operate their own private cloud system, meaning we can expand our fax lines and systems within a moment's notice, and have secure and reliable backup systems in place to ensure our customers' faxes are kept protected and backed up.

We operate a private cloud system that means we have unlimited expansion at our fingertips, allowing us to add additional lines, disk space, and other services within a moment's notice. We have custom-made backup systems in place that store your faxes in a secure facility based within the European Union on thousands of servers simultaneously.

Did you know that it can cost around 32p per page when running a fax machine? By the time you include paper, toner, line rental and other costs, it can amount to around 960 a year to run a fax machine!

Yes that's right. Once you include all items such as Phone Line Rental, Toner, Paper, Electricity costs (and standby costs), hardware replacement and your own time, it can cost as much as 32p per fax page.

With Free fax to Email, you can get rid of all those costs, and by having your faxes received as emails, you have an electronic copy of all your faxes, which can be stored on your computer, file server or sent to remote workers/suppliers.

You can send faxes from just 10p per page by adding Pay-as-You-Go credit to your account.

You can send faxes online with no subscription required! From your Fax Inbox page, just click "Activate Fax Sending" to add credit to your account. You can then send a fax by uploading either a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

Free Fax to Email helps you run an electronic paperless office? By receiving your faxes by email, you can access your faxes on the move, keep paper to a minimum and best of all have an electronic copy of every fax.

By using fax to email, every fax becomes an electronic document, so you can choose to print, store, delete or even forward these documents whenever you like. By moving away from a paper-based system, you can access your faxes on the move (meaning not having to travel to the office to pick up your faxes), and store your faxes in your own electronic filing system, or forward your faxes to other members of staff, suppliers, customers. etc. if necessary. Overall, fax to email will save you money and make life easier while helping to reduce CO2 emissions from your business.

Free Fax to Email handles several thousand faxes each day for many different household name companies.

Free Fax to Email handles several thousand faxes each day, for customers such as Dominos Pizza, Walkers Snacks, BP, NHS, Vodafone BT, Exxon Mobil, UK Law Society, The Post Office, Lancaster University, Premier Inn Hotels, Experian, Cheque Cashing Centres, Thomas Cook, Metropolitan Police, UK Border Agency, National Express, Barclays Bank and many more.

Free Fax to Email really is free; we just ask you use it at least once every 6 months...

Free Fax to Email is free because when we give you a free fax number we make a small margin each time you receive a fax, just like any telecoms company would.

You must receive a fax on the Free Fax to Email number that we give you at least ONCE every 6 months. If you don't, your number will be recycled and may then be given to someone else.

It takes just 60 seconds or less to get a free fax number? No forms, speaking to call centres or waiting....

All you need to do is click on the Sign Up link above to get a free fax to email number. We only ask for basic account details (no payment information) and an email address. We send you a confirmation message to verify your email address and as soon as you click on the link inside, your private fax number is switched on and ready to receive faxes for free over the internet!